Happy 100th Anniversary to Dr. Yanka Mladenova-Kulaksazova

Happy 100th Anniversary to Dr. Yanka Mladenova-Kulaksazova

An exciting meeting, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Dr. Mladenova, brought together the young pediatrician from Shumen, her relatives and the Secretary General of the Board of the BMA. Dr. Valentin Peev congratulated her colleague, who worked for the health of the children from Shumen and the region until the age of 77.

"Your professional career is a symbol of dedication, professionalism, discipline and a lot of love for both colleagues and small patients. Your comprehensive pediatric training that laid the foundations of pediatric care in Shumen and the area, the pursuit of daily improvement and the willingness to be in favor of others is an example of imitation, "said Dr. Peev.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the BMA and personally by Dr. Ivan Madjarov, he presented to Dr. Mladenova a specially designed statuette for merits and dedication to medicine and small patients. The excitement and appreciation of the age of age were accompanied by many smiles and warm hugs, and Dr. Mladenova did not hide her surprise from his visit and attention.

Dr. Mladenova is the living history of Shumen pediatrics and our native healthcare. She began as a young doctor from the health service of the village of Partizani, in the difficult years, in which carts with carts have traveled the homes of people in both cold and in Peck. For several decades, Dr. Mladenova has given to the aid and care for the youngest patients in the Children's ward of the Shumen hospital, which has managed for many years.

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