Dr. Gergana Nikolova: Kovid zones do not work

Dr. Gergana Nikolova: Kovid zones do not work

Continuous flow of patients to personal doctors' cabinets, frightened patients with positive covey tests pour hospitals in Bulgaria and the beds no longer reach. "Guards died, but not surrendered. Unfortunately, except the pressure on us inside the cabinets, communications at the press center of the Bulgarian medical union (BMA) have begun. We are not people who can close offices to work remotely or to go out on leave. There is no one to replace us, "said General Practitioner and a member of the BLS Dr. Gergana Nikolova in" Bulgaria in the morning ".

"There is no Kovid Zone in Sofia, where the patient goes to be reviewed, make your radiography and get a recipe. It does not happen, does not work and not say that in some covery areas it has been imposed and my patients are to my patients They pay X-ray pictures, which for me is inadmissible, "the general practitioner said. According to her, it is not the time for extreme action by general practitioners. Protests will not reduce the flow of patients, Dr. Nikolova was categorical.

"There are many other forms that can be used. When 50-70 people pass through the office, these people have the need for treatment. I can not afford to send them to a private review," she explained. The studio in the studio urged people to vaccinate, highlighting post-covey syndrome as a great threat to unvaccinated patients. "Post-Kovid syndrome in the unvaccinated spend a great deal of resource, follows a long road recovery, and despite all of them, they can not recover - they suffer from chronic oxygen shortages. The problem with this post-covey syndrome will be even bigger Because the state emerging from heavily develops most important problems, as one patient even developed severe insulin diabetes, "Dr. Nikolova pointed to Bulgaria on Air.

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