Dr. Gergana Nikolova: Measures are effective when observed

Dr. Gergana Nikolova: Measures are effective when observed

"There is a risk in Bulgaria to appear a new strain to be more dangerous," said Nova News Dr. Gerganova Nikolova, a member of the BLS Management Board.

"We are going on a centrifuge, we do not go out of the fourth wave, people are frightened, the information is not very adequate. In the summer we had buried the heads in the sand, there was no virus, we were doing tourism, nothing to stimulate vaccination ", added the medic.

Dr. Nikolova also stated that the tests made at home are not reported anywhere, this is a problem because people are not quarantined if positive.

"The measures should be respected, not everything being proforma, they have an effect when followed," she said categorically.

The doctor accounts for the introduction of green certificates there is a growth of vaccination against Covid-19.

On student tests, Dr. Nikolova believes that the state must take the cost of small and large students and return to class.

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