Dr. Madjarov: Some of the increased path prices will go to medical remuneration

Dr. Madjarov: Some of the increased path prices will go to medical remuneration

With the Supervisory Board of the NHIF, we are considering in the annex to R & D 2020-2022 to record a wording to ensure the increase in doctors' incomes, healthcare professionals and sanitary. This told Nova News the President of the BLS Dr. Ivan Madjarov.

"We still comment on the texts specifically, but it will certainly have one to ensure that a large part of the price increases will go to raise the incomes of workers in the medical establishments," he added.

Dr. Madjarov stressed that the task of the GMA is to negotiate better prices for the payment of medical services in hospital and outpatient primary and specialized medical care.

"Wages depend on what value the cashier pays any medical service at the hospital. The remuneration of doctors and nurses who are low enough in the background of European are a function of the medical establishment. They practically depend on where a doctor works, how the healing establishment is loaded, what financial condition is it, what number of compartments is, whether it is a multi-profile hospital or is a hospital that takes and uninsured patients. There are many factors that have to be referred to the manuals of each individual hospital, "he said.

In his words, in order to feel equivalent to his European counterparts, a Bulgarian doctor must receive a minimum of 2000 euro salary. "What is realistic is, if the doctors have received between 1500 and 2000 more than BGN 1500 and 2000, after signing the R & D, the minimum must be 2000 BGN gross," said Dr. Madjarov.

"So far, we have achieved in the annex to the R & D 2020 Prices of clinical paths and procedures to increase on average by 25% and specifically in pediatric - by 30-35%. This is the opportunity for colleagues working in the pediatrics, pulmonology, infectious diseases, which have been neglected for many years, to get better wages, and together and for everyone else, "he added.

However, the Chairman of the BLS specified that at the beginning of the year the 25% increase in the paths seemed in one way, and now, almost in the middle of the year - in another way, due to inflation.

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