Dr. Nikolay Brunzalov: BLS condemns illegal actions for issuance and use of false certificates of vaccination

Dr. Nikolay Brunzalov: BLS condemns illegal actions for issuance and use of false certificates of vaccination

An investigation of NOVA has revealed a large-scale green certificate issuance scheme. One of them costs 450 leva. Fake documents are only received for two days.

According to Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian Medical Association, Dr. Nikolay Brunzalov These people are proven guilty and is fully achievable to be punished.

"GLS is distinguished from the actions of such colleagues. After a court decision, such a person can not practice. He has committed a crime, "he added.

Medical lawyer Maria Petrova pointed out that these crimes were documentary.

"Not always the law provides for deprivation of rights. There are mainly two mechanisms that happen. One opportunity is to have a verdict in force to impose the removal of rights. If we are talking about a crime when a doctor gives a false health certificate of someone, then the law does not provide for the removal of rights. Keep in mind that he also talks about Poles and nurses. They are also responsible. The other option anyone is deprived of rights is through the Ethical Commission of the GLS. Unfortunately, we need revision and the Code of Code, and the rules, "she added.

Sanctions are also subject to those who have paid for a false certificate.

"The healing establishment applies to RZI when collecting a sufficient number of people who want to be vaccinated. This query is given in RZI versus specific data. The vaccine is obtained under a certain order, stored in a certain order. When placing the vaccine, it is removed to reach a certain temperature. The patient releases an ambulatory sheet, he signs a document for informed consent that this vaccine will be placed. Once the vaccine is placed, the information is sent to the information health system, "Dr. Brunzalov explained.

According to him, a vaccine is thrown out, as the participants in the scheme, is a catalurity. He is of the opinion that the only way to catch a false certificate is when falsely vaccinated ill with coronavirus. The medic said he also had cases of vaccinated who had become ill, but their percentage was too low.

"It will be very difficult to check and prove you are not vaccinated. Issuing this document is not so easy. However, the person can not be tested whether he is vaccinated or not unless he is caught on the spot, "Petrova added attorney.

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