Dr. Nikolay Brunzalov: I do not share the optimism of the MH for Covid zones

Dr. Nikolay Brunzalov: I do not share the optimism of the MH for Covid zones

In the midst of the epidemic, in 2 thousand new cases a day we have only 39 covid zones, said in Horizon to Nikolay Brunzalov, a general practitioner and Vice-President of the Bulgarian Medical Association. He does not share the "optimism of the Ministry of Health because what is not done".

At present, only 39 such covid areas have been found, there is a plan to reveal 150 such centers, he said.

If such points reveal homogeneously on the territory of the country, in order to have adequate diagnosis and treatment, it will be a step forward, says Brunzalov, however, criticized that in the midst of the epidemic, options are still discussing how to relieve hospitals.

Dr. Brunzalov expressed doubt that if all of the biggest flow of patients turned to Covid cabinets in the specialized areas, they would not be able to take them.

"I admire the intention of the Ministry and the government to allocate funds and buy additional equipment to the relevant DCC because the technique will also be necessary in the future as well as the distribution of apparatus measuring the saturation of the blood with oxygen," the general practitioner said.

Mortality in recent months is drastically increased. What reforms did we do to reduce this mortality asked Nikolay Brunzalov and urged to invent "something rationally".

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