Dr. Nikolay Brunzalov: Solution Personal doctors to write medication against Covid-19 is a piar share

Dr. Nikolay Brunzalov: Solution Personal doctors to write medication against Covid-19 is a piar share

Personal doctors can not write free medications for Kovid-19 patients, BMA reported. The spelling of free medicines can only come into force after talks between GLS and NHIF, after clearing all details and controversial moments around this opportunity.

"Someone somewhere has decided on a desk, who will perform it, has no idea. He simply technical after time to put a signature as if he was. It was stated that this decision of the supervision was on Friday . Once there is no signed methodology, how will it come from Friday? We have been figured out there? We have given our remarks, "said Deputy Chairman of GLS Dr. Nikolay Brunzalov in the studio of Bulgaria in the morning.

He added that this decision is absolutely unspoken from the beginning.

"Things are not so simple. This is a pierc share that we give drugs to Kovide the sick. This comes from the failure of the Areas and Kovid Cabinets, where it was originally announced that there will be the writing in question. They will be 150, They should be 1500 to take over all patients. They have to be homogeneously distributed all over Bulgaria. There are whole areas where such cabinets are not at all open, "said Brunzalov to Bulgaria on Air.

"I have no idea how these people think that this will happen. I will not write only because I can therapy appointed by some other colleague without I have seen the patient. I can disagree with this therapy," he said.

Deputy Chairman of the BLS stressed that there is no dialogue at the moment between the NHIF Supervisory Board and doctors. In his words, there is an ambiguity in the allocation of funds from the cashier.

"The medics of 70% were vaccinated and 20% have rebuilt. Let us talk about them. They gave the right example of society. If the whole society gives such statistics, we will not have a pandemic problem. For doctors who are against vaccination, There is much more than to normal doctors who say we have to be vaccinated. I have vaccinated hundreds of people. There are complications that are absolutely tolerable, but people are healthy, "Dr. Brunchalov said.

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