Dr. Nikolay Brunzalov: We should turn to the disseminated part of society with regard to vaccines

Dr. Nikolay Brunzalov: We should turn to the disseminated part of society with regard to vaccines

It is definitely important about what percentage of intense beds are busy as the different waves reach a certain morbidity. I hope this is a right criterion about what measures will be taken, the question is to how much they will be respected. This commented in "The Day Starts" Dr. Nikolay Brunzalov, Deputy Chairman of the GLS on the new plan to address the crisis.

For 80% busy beds, which is the worst fourth degree, these measures continue to be not respected, Dr. Brunzalov said.

Much of the population, where conscious, where does not, literally torture our health system, but the future will show whether there will be results, I am optimistic. Bulgaria enjoys a large number of beds compared to the population, but during these two years the human resource is or exhausted or quite declined. It can not only because we have doctors and healthcare facilities that can take the contingent do not do anything to do this, Dr. Brunzalov explained.

According to him, with Kovide areas have been made a few mistakes. They are discovered not in time are not homogeneously distributed on the territory of the country and are somewhat loaded with features that are meaningless.

In the DCC in which I work has good collaboration, teams work well together, but there are queues. These zones should be much more, not to deal with unnecessary functions besides diagnosis, do not deal so much with treatment than with diagnosis, such as why you need to make a diagram of everyone in the Covid area, the medication said. It was marginalized - There is a part that is vaccinated and actively looking for a booster dose, there is a part that is not small, which is unassembled and we have to head for it, Dr. Brunzalov commented.

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