Sport Map - COOLFIT, with main partner Pulse Fitness & Spa

Sport Map - COOLFIT, with main partner Pulse Fitness & Spa

Coolfit, with its main partner Pulse Fitness & Spa, with preferential terms and discounts for doctors in Bulgaria

[ COOLFIT ] (https://coolfit.bg/home), with its main partner p [ pulse fitness & spa ] (https://pulsefit.bg/) , with preferential conditions and discounts for doctors in Bulgaria.

Coolfit offer a variety of sports facilities, spa and pools across the country in one application. By downloading the mobile app and paying the monthly subscription, you get access to all clubs and locations, dozens of sports centers, spa centers, group and online activities and a number of other activities that you can visit without restriction. All services you will have access to if you decide to take advantage of Coolfit can be found at : [Coolfit.bg] (https://coolfit.bg/home).

* The price Coolfit provides exclusively to the doctors in Bulgaria is 54 BGN per month. * The link on which you can do your registration and receive your card will be able to find is [ here ] (https://promo.coolfit.bg/bls/). The only additional condition is to enter your Win number in the marked box. **

_Cart Coolfit is a digital "map" that gives the right to access many fitness centers, sports and relax areas in Sofia, outdoor and indoor pools, massage studios, solariums and many more. Hundreds of exclusive group activities with certificate coaches. You are also about to receive a number of discounts at retail outlets, hotel accommodation and dozens of other discounts, where you can take advantage of the service or goods you choose.

  • What access to sports objects?

The access to the sports facilities will be carried out through a mobile application in which the client has an account, generates a QR code that is scanned at the reception of the objects. The information needed for anyone wishing to take advantage of Coolfit E: two names, telephone number, email- such as the companion and employee email must be different and at all costs active because it is the User without which they cannot have access to the application. Everyone receives an email to download the application and follow the steps they are about to make and activate their account before making their first visit. The companion must be an adult. Each active employee is entitled to 1 companion. The card request is made by the 25th of the current month, activation from the 1st of the following month._

  • S What Coolfit is different from other sports abnormalities?

We changed the card with a mobile application, more accessible and comfortable than ever. No additional fees, completely digital. Some of Coolfit are the two largest fitness chains in the country that have never been part of such a partnership, namely: Pulse Fitness & Spa and Athletic Fitness._

  • Why choose CoOlfit?
  1. you are accessing access to the best sports centers in Sofia;
  2. have the opportunity to use all services in one visit;
  3. You can buy a card for your loved one with the same conditions;
  4. Sami you determine the period of your membership and at any time you can terminate your subscription;
  5. Use services easily through our mobile app.

For more information and questions : tel : \ [0 700 14496 ] (TEL: \ [0 700 14496 ] (TEL: \ [0 700 14496 ] (TEL: \ [0 700 14496 ] (TEL: \ [0 700 14496 ] (TEL: \ [0 700 14496 ] (TEL: \ [0 700 14496 ] (TEL: \ [0 700 14496 ] (TEL: \ [0 700 14496 ] (Tel: 0 700 14496))))))))

Site : [Coolfit.bg] (https://coolfit.bg/home)

Registration link for receiving card : COOLFIT.BG/BLS/

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