Personal doctors are still the rescue fuse

Personal doctors are still the rescue fuse

_Liped doctors have expressed concern that patients with Kovide-19 of home treatment already ask whether they can write free medicines. This opportunity was voted and determined at the Management Board of the National Health Insurance Fund at the end of last week. However, the Bulgarian medical union will be agreed before it becomes a fact. Doctors of the supervisors' decision satisfied. For this, they talked from with Dr. Nikolay Brunzalov - Deputy Chairman of the GLS and General Practitioner.

At this stage, personal doctors can not write free medications for domestic treatment of Kovid-19 . We need to understand what the Governing Council of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) is meant by giving us this right. The Association of General Practitioners in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Medical Union are not fully aware of the moment. Dr. Nikolay Brunzalov was categorical. "It is a matter that we have many remarks about the attitude of the methodology, and this is because we do not have enough dialogie," said Dr. Brunzalov.

"MH and NHIF have seen that they can not realize the initial idea of ​​the areas and therefore the steps, personal doctors, to write free medication, is why the universal fuse called a GP has been found. That's why the board of board has decided We give spelling free medication. The question is that these medications almost do not correspond to the treatment of people with a mild illness. There is no methodology for how we will write it from the announced list. The change had to He first agreed with the Bulgarian medical union as he represents the doctors, only then declare "explained the Deputy Chairman of the GLS. And add: "Now patients ask about free medications, and we have to tell them that we can not write to them an electronic recipe for them. We and now we treat people from their patient leaves. The idea is good, but you should not be Announces and prints before being agreed with the professional organization, which is a full-fledged partner at the cash register. "

Deputy Chairman of GLS: "I want to ask why it is paid to doctors in the Kovide areas for each reviewed patient, but not the personal doctors in which the price comes into the capital. I ask why for all the studies made there have Regulatory standard, and we only target PCR, which is not in the regulatory standard? "

"All 9 drugs from the free medication list written for free home treatment from the zones, except for one, are for a complication of Kovid-19 . This applies to corticosteroids that for the antibiotics in an initial stage. Here is something , which also puzzled me and should be given clarification, as people of home treatment are lighter cases. "Dr. Brunzalov finished.

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