Newspaper of BMA

The national edition of the BMA newspaper "Quo Vadis" is the legal successor of the magazine "Chronicles of the Bulgarian Medical Association", published by the professional organization until its closure in 1944.

The beginning was set in 2000, when an issue 0 was published for the National Assembly of the BMA in Veliko Tarnovo with Editor-in-chief Lyubomira Boncheva. The name of the newspaper was proposed by Assoc. Prof. М. Milanov and was adopted unanimously because of the conceptual idea of the biblical phrase, and in the "head" of the newspaper is interwoven part of that of the magazine ‘Letopisi’ (Chronicals). Lilia Petkova, Pepa Tarakchieva and the photo reporter Georgi Georgiev join the editorial team for issue 1. A correspondent network was being developed.

In 2001 the newspaper changed its name to ‘Letopisi’, and in 2002 its previous name was returned.

Nowadays it is a monthly newspaper that treats current problems of the medical community, covers events related to inpatient and outpatient care, publishes analyzes, interviews and unique materials on the history of medicine and the medical community. ‘Quo Vadis’ is a traditional media partner at a number of events. It can be found at the headquarters of the BMA and the offices of the regional colleges, and its electronic edition is available freely, without registration on our website.

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International partners

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FEMS European Federation of Salaried Doctors
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