United Bulgarian Bank / UBB /

United Bulgarian Bank / UBB /

United Bulgarian Bank / UBB / with preferential banking conditions for doctors

United Bulgarian Bank/ UBB/ with conditions for banking services specifically for the members of the Bulgarian Medical Union

We prepared for you these conditions from United Bulgarian Bank, part of the KBC group:

Conditions for members of BMA as individuals - open a current account in BGN with lower monthly fees :

* 1.20 BGN monthly fee *, including a current account, debit card, online and mobile banking; No fee ** for an unlimited number of withdrawals of all UBB ATMs; * 0.80 BGN for withdrawal of an ATM to other banks in the country;

Conditions for BLS members as legal entities

* No charge * to open a current account 8.00 BGN monthly fee ** for servicing an account in BGN with electronic statement

  • Outgoing translations through online and mobile banking in the amount of 0.30 BGN per translation

Preferential Conditions for Customers for Customer Patients

*The preferential conditions of [* United Bulgarian Bank/UDB/ ( State Paper/Bank//www.ubb.bg/) For individuals and the offer for legal entities you can see in the attachments below.

PB is part of the Belgian KBC Group-the largest banking and insurance group in Bulgaria, unifying companies with long history and extensive experience. Companies part of the KBC Group offer a full range of financial services - banking, insurance, pension, leasing, asset management and factoring.

_PB has the highest credit rating in Bulgaria on the assessment of Fitch-'a-', which is higher than that of Bulgaria. Thanks to its well -developed UBB distribution network, it has branches across the country, and through the UBB Mobile mobile application, customers have the opportunity to perform basic banking operations on the go - easy, fast and secure

A day UBB follows the vision for modernization and digitalization of its activities and services, applying innovative solutions in accordance with the requirements of its individual and business clients.

For contact and inquiries:

For legal entities:

Zornitsa Vasileva

telephone : \ [02/8112674 ] (TEL: \ [02/812674 ] (TEL: \ [02/812674 ] (TEL: \ [02/812674 ] (TEL: 02/812674) )))

Email : [zornitsa.vasileva@ubb.bg] (mail: zornitsa.vasileva@ubb.bg))

For individuals:

In each branch of UBB or for assistance Dilyana Tsvetkova

Phone: [088282689] (TEL: 088282689)

Email: [payroll \ _team@ubb.bg] (mailto: payroll_team@ubb.bg))

Site: [ https: //www.ubb.bg/] (https://www.ubb.bg/)

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