Open letter from employees of NCIPB

Open letter from employees of NCIPB


We, working at the National Center for Contagious and Parasitic Diseases, express our deep indignation, perplexity and disagreement with the unexpected release of Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev from the post of director of the NCIPD.

The absence of Prof. Kantardzhiev, without any doubt, will lead to a difficulty in implementing a number of key national and international commitments of the NCAB.

It will be delayed the construction of the only competence center in the field of infections and immunity as well as dozens of scientific research projects.

We are deeply offended by the explanation that there are no indispensable people. No! Prof. Dr. Kantardzhiev is an indispensable doctor, scientist, teacher and organizer. For nine years as a director he built the new face to the NCIPB. Turned it into a living organism. Mastering the pandemic at the moment is largely due to its overtaking solutions, reasonable advice and timely action. He and his team found the British variant of the coronavirus on our territory and signaled for him weeks before the third wave of Covid-19 . Prof. Dr. Kantardzhiev is a person who does not run from responsibility that takes unpopular decisions and tells the truth as it is, putting the health of human health and the national interest first.

The NCAB is the family of Prof. Dr. Kantardzhiev, for which he lives for more than 30 years, putting all his time, soul and heart. Its release from the post is untimely, inadequate and uncontractively.

This unfounded dismissal, masked as legal retirement, is an attempt to interfere with politics in an overpayment and academic institution!

We insist Professor Dr. Kantardjiev to be restored to the post of director of the NCIPB in the name of science and good people!


Employees of NCIPD

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