Positive, responsible and adorable patients: a doctor with more than 50 years of practice

Positive, responsible and adorable patients: a doctor with more than 50 years of practice

He is 80 years old. However, the age does not prevent Dr. Hadjimite from performing his vocation to a children's surgeon in Rousse. He does not even refuse him for the pandemic.

"That's what the circumstances have been stuck that I did not have impedbles that lead to some stress," he calmed.

For his over 50 years of experience, Dr. Hadjimite received a number of awards. On the day of the doctor he was also awarded a medical union from Bulgaria.

"I was surprised by calling me from the BLS that I was awarded for the long job I continue to perform. I was surprised, I was in the operating when you called me. It is an honor and pleasure to be here and thank you to the colleagues for all this "," said the doctor.

After his retirement, Dr. Hadjimiev began work at Medica Hospital. Dr. Ivelin Yotsov has been working for more than 8 years with him.

"I myself was a specialist in children's surgery under his leadership and I am extremely grateful that I had the pleasure of working with this man and continue to work with him. Danoad all of his age is in his condition and to continue working as he worked in his the moment, "Dr. Yotsov said about Dr. Hadjimite.

Positive, responsible and adorable patients. So he describes him Stela Petrova, who is a senior nurse in the hospital.

"Absolutely deserved prize for him. He has finally been assessed his long experience and knowledge in children's surgery. He gives an extraordinary example to his younger colleagues, as well as the rest of the staff," she said.

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