Prof. Marcho Georgiev, DM: We go on the international scene

Prof. Marcho Georgiev, DM: We go on the international scene

Prof. M. Georgiev graduated from MU-Sofia in 1991. He specialized urology in the UK (Cambridge, London), Austria (Salzburg), USA (Stanford, Cornell, Colombian University, University of California - San Francisco, Jewish Medical Center - Long Island , New York, Institute of Robotic Surgery - Orlando), Germany (Heilbronn) and France (Strasbourg).

In 2005 he graduated from a laparoscopic urology course in Germany, and in 2013 and for robot-assisted urology in Strasbourg. There is a health management qualification from UNWE-Sofia. From 2016 and so far he is chairman of the Bulgarian Urological Society and Head of the Umboil "Alexandrovska", a lecturer is in the department of Urology at its Sofia, head of endocopes urology and extracorporal lithotrypsia. Since 2017, it is part of the Board of High Technology section to the European Urology Association as his member, and in 2018 he became a National Urology Consultant. Author of over 120 scientific publications, incl. In Europe Urology, "World Journal of Urology", "American Journal of Endourogy", "British Journal of Urology", "Chinese Journal of Pathophysiology", "Japanese Journal of Clinical Urology".

The "Doctor of the Year" Awards 2021, Prof. Georgiev received a prize in the "Contribution and application of innovative medicine" and unique techniques ".

Is the way of innovation in medicine and how this is happening in our country, read in the interview that Prof. Georgiev gave special to the readers of the Quo Vadis.

- Prof. Georgiev, what does the prize you receive from BMA?

-Name means a lot. Most of all because I and the team I work with, we are dealing with robotic surgery since 2013 and we have over 700 operations behind them. This is how we find ourselves the greatest experience and the difficulties we passed through are a serious test - and by Medical Chief. t., and by organizational. When we started, there was no clinical path (KP) for our activity. We had zero experience, but thanks to my mentor from Heidelberg, Dr. Ratviller we entered this new area for us. He was coming to help us goodwill. We have learned from a real master. This is of great importance in introducing a new methodology. Worst is when one learns alone by himself. In our profession one man show is not a good choice. Dr. Ratviller was next to us at every stage of the introduction and validation of robot-assisted operations in Bulgaria, which was of great importance for the team and quality of work. Ultimately, 7 years after the beginning, after negotiations with the NHIF and BMA, we already have a KP in the robotic operations in urology, which gives this technological achievement to become routine technique. I use to thank the GLS and personally to President Dr. Madjarov that this year is a fact in the robotic operations in urology, which gives green light this innovation becomes routine technique.

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