Satilic Theater "Aleko Konstantinov"

Satilic Theater "Aleko Konstantinov"

Satilic Theater "Aleko Konstantinov" with a 50% discount for doctors from the performances of the theater's repertoire

[ Satirical Theater "Al. Konstantinov "] (https://satirata.bg/) with special discounts for 2 pcs. Tickets for the repertoire of the theater for members of the Bulgarian Medical Union.

Each member of a Bulgarian medical union can benefit from preferential prices in the provision of a Membership Membership. The membership card entitles to buy 2 pcs. Tickets from the theater's cashier for performances from his repertoire.

The "Aleko Konstantinov" theater is a unique cultural phenomenon with a significant influence and a special place in the theatrical life of the country. The theater has three halls - a large Hall "Happy", Metodi Andonov Chamber Hall and "Comedy Bar Happy Satire", in which an accessible environment for people with disabilities is provided. Exhibitions are often organized in his lobby._

[ Current theater program can be found here ] (https://satirata.bg/program)

For more information and questions:

Phone .: \ [0700 20 766 ] (TEL: 0700 20 766))

Email : [office@satirata.bg] (MailTo: Office@satirata.bg)

Website : [https://satirata.bg/]]]]] ]///satirata.bg/)

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