A suspended sentence for the parents who attacked Dr. Ahmed of Shumen

A suspended sentence for the parents who attacked Dr. Ahmed of Shumen

A suspended sentence for the parents who attacked and mocked an emergency doctor in Shumen while examining their child. The mother was sentenced to 1 year of imprisonment with a three -year test period, and the father also had a three -year test period. According to the prosecutor's office, the act is of high public danger, it has exceptional cynicism. The sentence they received is the maximum that the law provides.

The injured doctor may file a civil claim against her attackers. The defendants told the court that they understood what they were convicted of and voluntarily signed an agreement on their sentence. However, the investigators have told that they regretted what they have done and justified their affect with the child's serious condition.

On this day, they were at a wedding and the child did not feel good after the food they consumed. The family works in Germany. Asked if they used the emergency assistance there and would they respond in the same way, they did not answer.

"Such a crime is of a sufficiently high degree of public danger and I want to say that the prosecutor's office will be uncompromising in such cases," said Lyubomir Georgiev, District Prosecutor of Shumen.

[ Attack doctor from Shumen before BNT: The mother threatened me with murder while trying to help the child ] (https://bntnews.bg/news/napadnatata-lekarka-ot-shumen-pred-bnt-maikata -me-Zaplashi-s-biystvo-dokato-se-opitvah-da-pomogna -na-deteto-1203680news.html)

"This is a moment of affect, they have seen that the child is not well. Apparently they seemed to have the reaction of the doctor inadequate and allowed themselves to commit the crimes for which they were convicted today," explained Ivaylo Toshev, a lawyer of the convicted family.

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