Started the 72 Regular Reporting Election of GLS

Started the 72 Regular Reporting Election of GLS

In Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture, subject to all anti-epidemic measures, the collective organization has begun.

Dr. Ivan Madjarov - Chairman of the BLS Management Commission commented in front of the forum for media representatives that ended a successful mandate in which the Management Board defended the interests of the class.

"Against the challenges we were facing and politically and related to the pandemic, we could actually have other priorities because in front of the world had a priority - Protecting the infection, Dr. Madjarov said.

The delegates of the council to get acquainted with the Ministry of Directors of the Management Board and the Commission for Professional Ethics for the Expired Mandate 2018-2021.

It will then move to the choice of new leadership - Chairman of the BLS Management Board, Deputy Chairpersons, Chief Secretary and members of the Management Board, Presidents and members of the Control Commission and the Committee on Professional Ethics as well as members of the Supreme Medical Council.

Reporting Election Counter is conducted in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures, according to Order No. RD-01-748 / 02.09.2021, a team of Sofia RZI made a verification and the finding is that the council is conducted according to the order and no violations.

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