Aliaant insurance broker (Alliant)

Aliaant insurance broker (Alliant)

Alian insurance broker (Alliant) with preferential conditions for insurance of doctors

Aliant Insurance Broker offers preferential conditions for insurance of the members of the Bulgarian Medical Union.

The broker has special suggestions for doctors in the following directions:

  • Car insurance property insurance * accident and illness * Tourist insurance ** * Other insurance products

*Part of the preferential conditions of Aliant Insurance Broker can be seen in the attachment below.

**For more information or request for insurance other than those included in the attachment, you can contact our representative through the contact details.

Alian insurance broker is an insurance intermediary, entered in the public register of the Financial Supervision Commission. We offer a wide range of insurance products and services for management of insurance programs for enterprises, state bodies, organizations and individuals. We partner with numerous insurers and reinsurers in the country and abroad, which we appreciate on the basis of their credit rating, the quality of their reinsurance contracts and their ability to provide coverage of our customers' risk exposures in the long run.

The corporate mission and vision of Alian insurance broker are entirely focused on providing the best possible customer experience, the most innovative products, the best service and counseling when you insure with us.

For more information and questions :

Maria Angelova

Phone : (02) [417.3672] (TEL: 417.3672)

Email : [benefits@alliant.bg] (mailto: benefits@alliant.bg); [office@alliant.bg] (mailto: office@alliant.bg)

Website : [Alliant.bg] (Alliant.bg)

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International partners

WMA- World Medical Association
FEMS European Federation of Salaried Doctors
CPME The Standing Committee of European Doctors
UEMS European Union of Medical Specialists