To Acad. Prof. Ivan Gospodinov Milanov, PhD.

Director of MBALP "Saint Naum" Sofia

Copy: to the Bulgarian medical union

Thanksgiving letter from Bisser Yordanova Asenova-gr.Varna

I would like to express my great gratitude to the whole team of doctors, nurses and sanitar from a second epilepsy compartment of nerve diseases in paroxysmal states and a second compartment of multiple sclerosis from the nerve disorder clinic disorders of the Mbalnp "St. Naum" for their high professionalism, human concern and attention because they all work in the name of life.

I'm from Varna, in July 2020, I found lesions in the brain, I began to get the seizures, I could not keep a balance, I had problems with speech and congenital abilities and other Symposes, but they could not specify my diagnosis. I was desperate, not for myself, but that I would not be able to take care of my son, who was with Sandarom on Down. In March 2021 I went to the Mbalnp "St. Naum", initially in a second epilepsy compartment of nerve diseases in paroxysmal states as they doubted epilepsy. Under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rumyana Kuzmanova - Head of the Department and Dr. Ana Veskova Shopova DM. An assistant made full research and finds out that I have no epilepsy. They like real professionals after finding that I was not for their compartment, they did not say that they ended their work to me, but consulted their colleagues from the other wards. Thus, I did in a second compartment of multiple sclerosis from a nerve disorder clinic disorders with head of the ward - Assoc. Prof. Sonia Ivanova Hristova-Chakmakov and a doctor Dr. Antonia Gennadya Nikolova-Kovacheva. After the research you have appointed, it is found to have multiple sclerosis. I thank Dr. Nikolova, who under the supervision of Assoc. Dr. Sonia Hristova committed puncture of the spine saving me the pain of this manipulation. For me they have golden hands. They have written medication to accept. I am currently looking forward to a speedy recovery as a result of the flawless work of doctors.

Our whole family is extremely appreciated, we wish them a lot of health, to be still dedicated to their work and miles with their patients, to further elaborate peaks in medicine and be still worthy of example! I am convinced that every hospital who has such magnificent and dedicated specialists who put their soul and heart to heal and take care of their patients contribute to the name of doctors to take an elite place in society and strengthen the respect for them .

Our society must be proud of them! Thank you from my heart!

Regards: Biska Asenova

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