Bulgarian Medical Union: Keep the medics! Stop aggression!

Bulgarian Medical Union: Keep the medics! Stop aggression!

The Bulgarian Medical Association expresses its unconditional support to the entire team of the Emergency Center in Kazanlak and Dr. Sadet Nuri, as well as to the on-duty medics at the branch of the CSMP, Gotse Delchev, who are another victims of verbal aggression by patients and their loved ones.

Dr. Nuri was subjected to insults and ridicule by a woman who sought help in the emergency room.

At the FSMP-Gotse Delchev, a 26-year-old man has shown verbal aggression towards a medical person and has also threatened the police officers who arrived in the scene.

The language of hatred, the breed of offensive words, the mocking attitude and the humiliation leave deep traces and for a long time cannot be erased from memory. Bulgarian medics do not deserve such an attitude!

The professional organization strongly opposes any form of aggression and is committed to the legal protection of any physician who is subjected to verbal or physical aggression.

In September, the Bulgarian Medical Association will restart the national campaign against violence against medics #overburden with a number of practical trainings from doctors from all over the country about how to deal with aggressive patients. And the email blsus@blsbg.com can be reported for aggression over medics. They will be submitted immediately to the Attorney General, in accordance with the signed agreement between the BMA, the Ministry of Health and the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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