Dr. Ivan Madjarov: Doctors who issue counterfeit Covid certificate not to be treated

Dr. Ivan Madjarov: Doctors who issue counterfeit Covid certificate not to be treated

The Bulgarian medical union will be uncompromising in terms of doctors who issue counterfeit Covid certificates. This was stated by the President of BLS Dr. Ivan Madjarov during the Eighth Annual Capital Conference "Innovation and Good Practices in the Health Sector".

"We at the doctor's Union categorically declare that, in a proven such case, even if the court has not yet ruled with a request for removal of rights, they will be withdrawn. This is not ordinary falsification, this is something that takes away the right to life of other people and when done by a doctor, he must be aware that he can not practice more this profession, "Dr. Madjarov was. He added that the responsibility of the professional organization is to guarantee the society that medics who have agreed to issue counterfeit certificates will not do the same, for example, in another case when they depict and treat their patients.

The Chair of the BLS also commented on the topic of the forum related to innovative healthcare practices. Dr. Madjarov said we were at the threshold of a revolution in the sector - digital. He gave for example the changes that the crooked organization already made a year and a half in this direction by optimizing his register, which will be a "core" of a future unified information system. This intelligent system will allow real-time data exchange and different institutions such as ministries, universities, various other organizations can join.

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