Assoc. Dr. Vladimir Gonchev: Medicine is a marathon running

Assoc. Dr. Vladimir Gonchev: Medicine is a marathon running

Is from the doctors who believe that to be good at what you do - you have to develop, cultivate, helping others to do the same.

_Dos. Dr. Vladimir Gonchev is a lecturer at the University "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov, "Burgas and works at UMMA-Bourgas, a specialist with over 33 years of experience. For this time he has passed through different levels in the hierarchy of the healthcare system - a medical practitioner, a compartment of internal diseases and functional diagnosis of internal diseases, acquired managerial skills as head of health and medical establishments and from 2016 university lecturer.

In his experience Assoc. Prof. Gonchev has contributed to the development of a Bulgarian medical union, participating directly in the process of recovery of the professional organization after the changes in 1989 for its tireless work he was excellent by colleagues, receiving a prize in the "Contribution and Affirmation" category the authority of the Cultivated Organization "._

- Assoc. Gonchev, when did your collaboration start with a Bulgarian medical union?

- I get back pretty back in time. Shortly after GLS recovery I worked at Haskovo hospital. I wanted certain things to happen in the healing establishment, but its management was not according to.

I decided to go to Dr. Dimitar Ignatov, who was at that time a doctor in Jesul and Chairman of the BMA. He quite good-hearted discussed with me and told me the following: "The situation is tense, with whatever the doctor will help, but we are not almond, we are currently an organization that has no serious functions and its word does not happen especially" . A little later, in 1997, they asked me to borrow a director of the Regional Health Center - Haskovo. This "short" turned out to be 13 years. At that time, the law on the professional organizations were adopted to organize the structure of the BMA. In this way, I became one of the founders of the new structure of the professional organization. Then there were many more serious functions regulated by law and could participate in making management decisions. Since then I have been involved in a different way in the structure of the BMA. I was at the Governing Council, I have been constantly raised for Delegate to the BLS. Now I am a member of the Management Board in Haskovo, in the form of Secretary. I have always thought that GLS is a structure that has to have a very serious impact and impact.

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