The art that heals the soul of a medical

The art that heals the soul of a medical

Finding yourself between the colored canvases and the hospital corridors is the inspirational story of Dr. Stanislav Badalanov. It is hard to say for him that he is fed up with the ideas of Hippocrates. Although he writes much of his homework in the ward where his mother worked as a nurse, his first choice is not medicine. She came to his life later, only after 7 completed specialties. To date, however, he is sure that this is his calling. The love of art remains in his heart forever. It uses every convenient occasion to sit armed with paints in front of the white canvas and create.

The doctor with many faces

Medicine textbooks Dr. Badalanov grabs much later than his peers. Previously, he worked in a very different place from the hospital, namely in a plant for the production of electronic boards. The idea of ​​enrolling to study for a doctor comes after a dispute with one of the heads of production.

I started to explain to my leader that what we are doing is very difficult and we do our best. He almost reproached me for not looking at the job well and told me-"Okay, finished something", says Dr. Badalanov.

So, in order to prevail in the dispute, he not only manages to enter the Medical University of Sofia, but also graduates. Before and after medicine, however, in his life has always been present artistic art in his various forms - from photography to drawing.

I needed to see that the other thing I was dealing with was not mine-it was mine to some extent, but it did not fully satisfy me. Maybe I searched until I got to medicine. If I had the opportunity to reborn - the first thing I would do would be to be involved in medicine, but in no way would I stop doing art, the doctor shares.

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