The Prosecutor's Office-Shumen District attracted Dr. Ahmed's strikers to criminal liability

The Prosecutor's Office-Shumen District attracted Dr. Ahmed's strikers to criminal liability

The Shumen District Prosecutor's Office attracted a man and a woman from the village of Kaspichan, who attacked, offended and threaten a doctor on duty at an emergency center in the city. S.R. and M.R. have been accused of wholesale hooliganism committed with exceptional audacity and cynicism, and making murder. The 28-year-old woman has also been charged with causing a minor injury to a medical specialist in the performance of his duties.

The rapid production began on August 2, 2022. Around 2:30 am, a group of citizens who did not feel well arrived at the Emergency Aid Center at the MBAL-Shumen and had symptoms of food poisoning. The previous day they were all guests at a wedding party.

The doctor on duty began to examine one by one. A young woman and a man intervened in the work of a medical man, insisting that their child be examined faster. According to the rules of the hospital, as it was a small child, a compulsory consultant with a pediatrician should be made. The doctor on duty immediately asked for one, but the specialist was required. This angered the child's parents and they both started screaming and offending the young doctor. There was a murder of murder on their part, and the 28-year-old mother of the child even allowed herself a physical attack on the medication-she caught her by the neck and began to choke her.

On the spot, a hospital's security officer responded first, who ended the clash. A police team also arrived. As the situation was clarified, S.R. and M.R. Together with their child, they left the hospital. They were later established.

The young doctor has suffered minor bodily harm as a result of the attack on M.R.

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