About writing as a cause

About writing as a cause

White apron, red curls and radiant smile. This is briefly Dr. Maria Georgieva. The truth is, however, that we cannot speak shortly because we have so much to tell.

Dr. Georgieva has been taking care of patients with hematological diseases for 10 years, and at St. Sofia Hospital, she has been welcomed since 2015. Medicine has been her childhood dream, but literature has a special place in her heart. She writes everything - from poems to stories, and in 2019 her first book appeared on the market - "Bitter Grapes." A charity edition with which the doctor helps his patient.

Literature - this wonderful escape

Poems, essays, tell. From a student age, Dr. Maria Georgieva has developed her writing skills. However, to publish her creations as a young man, she even refuses to think.

I did not betray anything then, just and wrote and kept diaries ... Then there was a magazine "Native Speech", where they published works of talented children from all over Bulgaria, but I did not send anything anywhere, says Dr. Georgieva S

After falling into the Medical University, the writing gradually remains in the background for more than two years. And no one would blame her - he studied two specialties - internal diseases and hematology.

A childhood wrapped in beauty or how "bitter grapes" was born

Years ago, Dr. Maria Georgieva survived as a miracle after a severe disaster. He has not been driving a car ever since. It changes her worldview-as she rides on a bus, she has a greater opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the road. The road to home.

This is how the idea of ​​Dr. Maria Georgieva's first book-"Bitter grape grains" was born. The doctor's debut creation is a novelized autobiography of her childhood years.

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