Charity Concert "Noble Hearts with Zontian Spirit"

Charity Concert "Noble Hearts with Zontian Spirit"

Charity Concert " Noble hearts with Zontian Spirit" will be held on May 20th from 18.30

Charity online concert to support the Bulgarian Medical Association initiative, jointly implemented with Nikki Kanchev, the Bulgarian Association of Health care professionals and volunteering organizations "Because we are people" and "Thank you for having you" for financial assistance to children of The deceased by Covid-19 medics under the title: "For the children of the heroes in white."

In addition to this initiative, the concert will also support the educational programs of the "Zonta Foundation for Women" - supporting Young Women's Development Program (YWPA) for the development and education of young girls.

All collected funds from the concert will be distributed between the two causes.

The stars who will be involved in the concert and stand for the noble causes are: Horina "Rodina", Horfei, Children's Choir of BNR, Actrade Kvintet Nufi, Kotel, Vocal Stock at Nufi "Sheep Laka", Christina Dimitrova, Tony Dimitrova , Ballet from the National School of Dance, Sofia, Ballet National Palace of Children, Vassil Petrov, Yordan Markov, DES "Ramina", Junior Bend.

If you want and support the noble initiatives you can do it by buying a ticket and enjoy the charity concert. This can do the following link: [ https: //] (

For organizers:

Zon International is a leading world organization of professionals established in 1919, with general consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council, advisory status to UNESCO and the Statute of a participant in the Council of Europe. The Zonta works to empower women around the world by raising the social, economic, health and political status of every woman. The organizations and tasks of the organization are helping women and girls in the region and around the world in connection with their educational and professional growth; to provide them with opportunities for higher pay and achieving economic independence; To guarantee them access to quality and adequate health care and put an end to violence against women, girls and children, while helping survivors to rebuild their lives.

For the Women's Zon Foundation: Since 1923, Zonta International has provided over $ 45.9 million to empower women and girls and expand their access to education, health, economic opportunities and safe living conditions. Through the donations for the Foundation of the Zonta Women's Zon International improves women's lives, their children and the communities in which they live and work. The Education Programs of the Foundation are three - a scholarship in the name of Amelia Airport, Jane M. Klaussman for women in business and young women in public relations (Young Women in Public Affairs). The funds from this concert will support the Education Fund "Young Women in Public Relations" (YWPA).

Organizers: Area 05, District 30, Zonta International unites 12 clubs of Zonta International in Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia and Romania.

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International partners

WMA- World Medical Association
FEMS European Federation of Salaried Doctors
CPME The Standing Committee of European Doctors
UEMS European Union of Medical Specialists