Dr. Madjarov: The Covid Certificate could be introduced earlier

Dr. Madjarov: The Covid Certificate could be introduced earlier

"It is right to introduce green certificates rather than going to closing any activities. These measures could be introduced earlier, they are already being applied in the rest of Europe. We are no longer like at the beginning of the Covid pandemic when there was no other crisis management tool. Now we have vaccines, we have tests. " This told BNR - Bulgarian National Radio Dr. Ivan Madjarov, chairman of the Bulgarian medical union, the feast of doctors when we honor St. Ivan Rila-Miracle Worker.

According to him, people who are against vaccination should not be against green certificates because it allows you to access places where more people are collected:

"This is still a guarantee that at mass events will be less likely to surrender the infection between people and go afterwards."

Dr. Ivan Madjarov believes that there is no sign of lowering the Covid wave and said doctors are very overwhelmed and many of them have to temporarily leave their main specialties to go to work in COVID compartments:

"The more unpleasant is that we observe higher mortality in this epidemic wave. Doctors apply the same protocols for treatment as in previous waves, but we see a greater percentage of patients."

He stressed that the delta variant is not only more infected, but it takes more complicated.

The interview of Lyudmila fleede with Dr. Ivan Madjarov in the transmission "Moreover" you can hear from the sound file.

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Source: БНР Радио София БНР Радио София

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