Assoc. Dr. Angel Kunchev is "doctor of the year 2021"

Assoc. Dr. Angel Kunchev is "doctor of the year 2021"

On the day of the Bulgarian doctor - October 19, the traditional awards of the Bulgarian Medical Union for contribution to medicine will be awarded. Unfortunately, because of the epidemic setting in the country, there will be no official ceremony, as tradition. The awards in the five categories of "Doctor of the Year 2021" will be awarded to the BNS headquarters.

Assoc. Dr. Angel Kunchev is excellent from the Guild for the "Doctor of the Year 2021". Chief State Health Inspector, who on the day of the Bulgarian doctor celebrates its birthday, will receive the highest honors of the medical guild in the coming days. Throughout his professional road Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev works tirelessly to solve the problems in the health system, and since the beginning of the Kovid epidemic - 19 shows consistent work, boldly asserting its positions.

During today's holiday, the distinctions are to be given to the five traditional categories of "doctor of the year 2021". In category "Long-term medicine activity and active contribution to the development of specialty" awards will receive:

1.Prof. Dr. Dimitar Mladenov, Ph.D.

2.Prof. Dr. Toudy Schmilev, Ph.D.

3. Peter Hadjimite

4.D-R Stefan Stanev

5.Prof. Dr. Penka Pepenovska, Ph.D.

For "Contribution to Development and Implementation of Innovative Medicine and Unique Techniques" The awards go to:

1.dos. Dr. Deyan Anakievski

2.Prof. Dr. Marcho Georgiev

3.D-P Dimitar Kyuchukov


5 . Prof. Dr. Silvi Georgiev

Poor honors for "Contribution for development and validation The authority of the professional organization" will receive Dr. Kiril Elenski, former Deputy Chairman of the BMA. The rest with prizes in this category are:

1.D Dimitar Dimitrov

2.D-P Todor Kolarov

3.Dos. Dr. Vladimir Gonchev, Ph.D.

4.Prof. Dr. Iva Petkova, Ph.D.

This year are most awarded in the category for young medical hopes "You are our future" . These are:

1.D-R Georgi Dimitrov

2.d-q Militsa Miteva

3.DR Hristo Milev

4.D-R Beyti Nawf


6.Ts Trifon Valkov, Ph.D.

7.DR Krasen Ivanov

8.D-R Borislav Dagarov

9.D-Q Jozlem Kobakova Sofia

10.d-R Stanislava Stoycheva

11.D-R Simona Zlatanova


Because of the pandemic and anxious situation in the country, the distinctions will be awarded to the BMA headquarters, in different hours for the individual categories to have no crowding of people.

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