Accepted the updated national anti -epidemic plan

Accepted the updated national anti -epidemic plan

The Council of Ministers has adopted the updated national operational plan to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, the MoH announced. The main goals of the activities stated in the document are to limit the morbidity and mortality of Covid-19, to reduce the workload on the health system in the country, and to create an adequate organization to take the necessary actions to prevent possible mass distribution in a timely manner of coronavirus infection.

The main activities in the national operational plan are related to the conduct of epidemiological and virological supervision, the creation of opportunities for accessible laboratory diagnostics, the provision of vaccines against Covid-19 and medicinal products, as well as guaranteeing quality and affordable medical assistance for patients.

The plan defines a total of 5 stages, with anti -epidemic measures being introduced at each stage to be introduced at a regional or national level. The stages and measures are determined on the basis of a clear mathematical model, taking into account the 14-day incidence of region, % employment of non-intensive and intensive hospital beds.

With the full text of the National Operational Plan to deal with the Covid-19 pandemics, you can get acquainted with the attachment.

Национален оперативен план за справяне с пандемията от COVID-19

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