Specialists developed an objective vaccination calculator for COVID-19

Specialists developed an objective vaccination calculator for COVID-19

Specialists have developed a vaccination calculator. It is available on the [Bulgarian medical union] (https://covid-calculator.blsbg.com/) A His authors are Dr. Georgi Dimitrov, Dr. Trifon Valkov, Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov, Dr. Toma Tomov and Prof. Radka Argirova.

The calculator facilitates the medications applicable to COVID vaccines by calculating what is the most appropriate vaccine for their patients relative to different individual indicators. Among them are besides the age and gender of the desire to vaccinate and eventually existence of eligible diseases such as chronic kidney failure, oncological disease, the presence of immune deficiency and others.

"There have been more than two years from the SARS-COV-2 announced by the WHO pandemic, and for more than a year we have an effective prophylactic agent in the face of different types of vaccines - vector, mRNA, whole cell and protein based. Because they are the only effective means of specific prophylaxis, the number vaccinated on a global scale exceeds 3.5 billion people. Unfortunately, until recently, the medical college did not have specific and easily accessible scientifically justified instructions for their use in terms of dose, an application and safety interval, "said Medical News Dr. Georgi Dimitrov, who is among the creators of the calculator and one of the authors of the Interactive Covid Treatment Guide.

He noted, unfortunately many people are afraid to vaccinate due to worries that they have certain concomitant diseases such as Hashimoto thyroiditis, rheumatism or oncological disease. At the same time, it became clear that a significant part of the GP was not sufficiently informed about the risks and benefits of the various vaccines against Covid-19 added Dr. Dimitrov.

"Therefore, after a meeting in the Council of Ministers and with the support of the BMA, we decided that the creation of an" objective vaccination calculator "was urgent. Such a digital web-based platform provides the possibility of a rapid individual assessment regarding the criteria both in healthy people and in patients with various accompanying diseases. In this way, the whole process is automated and the doctor receives the most relevant recommendation for the respective patient in less than a minute, "said Dr. Dimitrov.

The calculator is posted on the [BLS for free use] website (https://covid-calculator.blsbg.com/)

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